Delivery and installation of steelwork

Delivering and installing components exactly where you need them

At Commercecon, we specialise not only in designing and erecting buildings, but also in the delivery and installation of components for industrial facilities. We make sure that all steel structures are installed as accurately as possible and in line with good workmanship practice.

  • Steelwork installation
    We provide subcontracting services in installing steel structures with our in-house specialised teams, which makes us unique among our industry competitors.
  • Get a quote
    How does Commercecon prepare a quote for a steel structure? We look at the structure’s intended purpose, design and place of installation. We also account for any unusual location of the planned facility or difficult access to the installation site. We require our prospective partners to provide as many details as possible, because every one of them feeds into the final quote. Once we have the full picture, we can estimate the project’s cost.

produkcja i montaż konstrukcji stalowych

Steelwork installation design

We always work in compliance with the applicable regulations, so we make sure that the installation process and its duration are accurately described in the steelwork installation design. In this document, we analyse each work stage and determine the required amount of work. The purpose of the steelwork installation design is to make the construction works safer, and more efficient and accurate.

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Obiekt przemysłowy - Weber Saint Gobain - silosowa stacja mieszalnikowa
Weber Saint Gobain – silosowa stacja mieszalnikowa
Industrial facility
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Hala magazynowa Ceramika Paradyż
Ceramika Paradyż
Wielka Wola
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Obiekt przemysłowy - Wytwórnia Klejów i Zapraw Budowlanych ATLAS
ATLAS S.A. – manufacturer of construction adhesives and mortars
Industrial facility: 1900 m2
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