General construction

General construction of halls and other industrial facilities

As a general contractor for industrial halls, warehouses and production halls, we coordinate all construction works commissioned by the investor – from start to finish. If the investor wishes to change anything in the building design, we revise it and obtain a legally binding revised building permit.

  • All industries
    Realizujemy projekty wykonawcze dla wszystkich branż, konstrukcyjnej, We prepare working designs for all industries – civil engineering, road construction or power, to name just a few. With our own architectural and design office, specialised assembly teams and machinery, we support the investor in building facilities to house their machinery and making preparations to accommodate their process.
  • Top talent
    We only employ experienced specialists, allowing us to offer comprehensive execution of industrial facilities. As a general contractor, we take our responsibility for the construction process and observing the schedule seriously. Quality and on-time delivery are a priority for us.
  • Types of industrial halls
    We build a variety of facilities, from production and storage, to logistics centres, sports, retail, showrooms, agricultural and multi-purpose halls.
  • What makes us special?
    We are one of the few in our line of work who also build military and strategic infrastructure facilities. Our offer is broad enough to accommodate investors from a variety of industries. With a comprehensive approach, we focus on delivering top quality.
generalny wykonawca hale

Why trust us?

What are our guiding principles as a general contractor? When designing and building halls, we focus on saving the investor’s time and money. The general contracting system involves obtaining the required permits, carrying out construction works and supervising the completion of individual stages, which allows the investor to focus on their own business, without having to constantly supervise the construction process. We are responsible for ensuring that the project is delivered on time and to the investor’s satisfaction. When preparing a working design, we focus on optimising costs and suggest solutions to save money at the construction stage and during operation of the finished facility.

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Warehouses: 9200 m2
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NOWAVENT Sp. z o.o.
Warehouses: 7000 m2
Office: 484 m2
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