Production and storage halls

Warehouse and production facilities

We are a general contractor for industrial facilities for various purposes. We develop the structure as well as the functional and usage layout of the building so that it can be used in the way planned by the investor. For investors in need of production and storage halls, we offer solutions for simultaneous uninterrupted production processes and efficient storage of the produced goods.

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Construction of production and storage halls

Building dual-purpose facilities, such as production and storage halls, requires appropriate coordination of all construction processes. At Commercecon, we know that erecting the load-bearing structure of the production and storage section must be coordinated with the preparation of the process and production line, so that the hall is ready for use as soon as possible. When building production and storage facilities, we focus on optimising the use of building materials and the work schedule to meet the investor’s expectations. We build halls with various structural systems: frame structures with steel posts and spandrel beams, with a converging section for reasonable use of the elements’ stress, or steel truss roofing supported by reinforced concrete columns. In addition to delivering and installing specialist components of the load-bearing structure as well as wall cladding and roofing, we also perform plumbing, electrical and fibre-optic installations, install skylights and other elements to meet the functional and utility requirements.

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Hall construction costs

How much does it cost to build a production and storage hall? The final price depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the facility, its purpose, construction technology (types of materials used), and more. However, at Commercecon, we believe that engaging in a dialogue with the investor is central. Knowing the customer’s expectations and consulting them on every trade-specific detail, we can optimise costs and build a bespoke facility.

  • When producing a design, we account for optimal use of the space and divide it into production and storage areas. When needed, we also add staff facilities and an office section.
  • Since we are the general contractor, the responsibility to monitor the work progress rests with us. By entrusting us with supervising the construction process, the investor can focus on growing their business without having to worry about delays.
  • We leverage our extensive industry experience to build economical and ergonomic production and storage facilities as per the agreed schedule, delivering a complete project that meets all expectations of the investor.
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    Production and storage hall projects

    Fabryka Kart TREFL Kraków
    Production and storage halls: 7400 m2
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    Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa Długopolanka – rozlewnia wody mineralnej
    Długopolanka – mineral water bottling plant
    Production and storage halls: 5550 m2
    Office: 797 m2
    Stara Łomnica
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    Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa GEBERIT
    Production and storage halls: 12000 m2
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