Steel halls

Steel hall projects

For more than 20 years, we have been successfully building steel halls for investors from various industries. To date, we have built nearly 2 million sq. m of space up to the highest quality standards. Our designers and engineers always produce steel hall designs tailored to the investor’s needs and expectations. One key factor in making a custom design is to optimise the use of materials for efficient consumption of resources, such as structural steel, while ensuring safety. Our halls offer high acoustic and thermal insulation parameters, resistance to weather, convenient installation and issue-free operation.

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Building a steel hall

As a steel hall contractor, Commercecon designs, supplies and installs the structural components of steel halls. We specialise in the general construction of buildings in the Design and Build formula. We support investors not only in the construction process, but also with the entire investment: from establishing a vision for the design to the final acceptance of the building and obtaining an occupancy permit. We apply the latest technological solutions in combination with our know-how and experience, ensuring that our steel halls are safe.

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Steel hall types

We build various types of steel halls. We usually support the roofing structure of buildings on a relatively small number of posts, which allows for more flexible use and operation of the building. We mainly specialise in building production halls, warehouses, sports, event, shopping and logistics centres, cold stores, freezing facilities as well as military and strategic facilities. The costs of a steel hall depend on the purpose of the building as well as the functional and visual requirements. The location must also be taken into account to ensure adequate structural stability and resilience to environmental facts (wind, snow, etc.).

Why commission the construction of a steel hall to us?

  • Leveraging our extensive experience in constructing buildings for investors from a variety of industries, we are capable of delivering reliable and durable structures that are optimised for the efficient use of steel materials.
  • With in-house engineers and designers, specialist assembly teams and machinery, we support the investor at all stages of the investment and construction process.
  • We offer a wide range of products: single, double and multi-bay structures, monopitch and ridge roof halls, halls with overhead cranes, canopies, outbuildings and umbrella roofs.
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    Steel hall projects

    Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa DIESEL CZĘŚĆI
    Production and storage halls: 1413.21 m2
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    Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa GRUPA KĘTY S.A.
    Production and storage halls: 13500 m2
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    Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa METALKOP
    METALKOP Sp. z o.o.
    Production and storage halls: 7500 m2
    Młyny k/Buska Zdroju
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