Hybrid halls

Hybrid industrial halls

Our hybrid halls, also known as mixed-structure buildings, combine steel and reinforced concrete elements. In such halls, the steel roof structure is supported with reinforced concrete columns. Reinforced concrete in these structures forms a strong frame to absorb stress from the usage and ambient conditions, and is resistant corrosion. As a general contractor for hybrid industrial halls, we put great emphasis on timely completion according to the approved schedule.

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Advantages of hybrid halls

A prefabricated hybrid hall has a number of advantages which we emphasise when designing this type of building. Reinforced concrete is resistant to corrosion and is very strong, which is especially appreciated by investors who need a hall with one or two levels. It is also fire-resistant, thus making it suitable for fire-resistant internal partitions. This allows for an easier separation of multiple areas for different purposes within a single hybrid hall.

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Industries using hybrid halls

Given the structural characteristics of hybrid halls, they are particularly popular in the furniture, textile, chemical and plastics processing industries. Such buildings are required to meet stringent fire safety standards which is why our designers recommend using reinforced concrete columns. The building is then covered with a lightweight and slim steel roof structure made with trusses ensuring the load-bearing system rigidity and a lower deflection levels than in the steel plate structures, while ensuring easy installation of systems suspended from the roof – even quite large components, such as ventilation ducts. Moreover, the truss structure of the roof provides some flexibility for the design of trade-specific works, as it does not require the planning of dedicated system penetrations, and the free space between the bottom and top strip of the trusses is only restricted by the slim truss sections (diagonal cross-braces and/or vertical posts). As a result, the space below the bottom strip of the trusses can be freely used, and all trade-specific systems can be routed within the height of the steel trusses.

  • We build aesthetically-pleasing, functional and reliable large-scale hybrid halls meeting the expectations and needs of investors from various industries.
  • We prepare a comprehensive building design, help obtain the necessary permits and ensure timely execution of works right through to commissioning.
  • Our engineers recommend the best solutions and technologies for cost optimisation at the construction and operation stage.
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