Design and build

Designing halls in the Design and Build formula

This cooperation concept is meant for investors looking for the ultimate comprehensive service. In the Design and Build formula, we coordinate every stage of the project. How does it work?

  • Preparing a concept
    We want our architectural concept to account for the investor’s expectations and feed into the finished project. We analyse the formal and legal status of the investment site, based on which we prepare a detailed design for implementing the investment along with a schedule for each type of work.
  • Preparing full design documentation
    We prepare a comprehensive building design and a fabrication design, and present our concepts to the investor, suggesting the best technical and the most cost-efficient solutions. This allows the investor to make an informed decision on what to prioritise for their project.
  • Preparing a detailed investment budget
    Of course, we do not forget about the budget. Together with the investor, we agree on the most optimal solution in terms of costs. Based on our experience with hundreds of projects, we suggest the best solutions, technologies and materials for safety, functionality and reliability, based on which the investor makes the final decision.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
    The final step in the process of designing a hall is to obtain a building permit. Why trust us? Our team will handle all of the formalities involved in obtaining the permits necessary to start the construction, while the investor can focus on their business without any unnecessary distractions.
  • Coordinating all construction stages
    Leveraging our expert engineers, we coordinate and supervise the project to ensure on-time delivery to the investor. We handle the whole process of designing and building industrial facilities.
  • Commissioning
    Once the hall is built, we inform the competent construction supervision authorities to obtain an occupancy permit. After all of the formalities have been successfully handled, we hand over the finished facility to the investor for use. From start to finish, we work according to the agreed schedule.
  • Guarantee and technical support
    Nasza praca nie kończy się na etapie oddania hali do użytkowania. Świadczymy Our work is not done upon commissioning. We also provide guarantee maintenance and technical support. If necessary, we immediately implement suitable repair procedures.
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Your advantages

What is the biggest advantage of the Design and Build approach to building industrial facilities and halls? You save time. Investors who choose this form of cooperation can be rest assured that we will take care of everything from start to finish. They can use the time they would have otherwise spent coordinating the construction process to grow their business.

A second advantage is that there is a single point of contact. As your general contractor, we take responsibility for professional and punctual execution. Our Project Manager is available for all of your questions and suggestions.

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