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The industrial buildings we deliver are custom-designed to your requirements and in such a way to ensure reasonable use of materials. We guarantee high quality and precise assembly, fault-free operation, on-time completion of projects and a wide range of finishing materials. We build among others production halls, warehouses, logistics halls, sports and entertainment centres, which we also adapt to the needs of the most demanding investors.

hala przemysłowa

Production halls

Industrial buildings, such as production halls, require solutions that take into account the specific processes that will take place inside. For this reason, we always perform thorough analyses and are open to investor suggestions before we provide a design.

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hale przemysłowe


We build low-rise, mid-rise and high-bay warehouses. We offer investors the best engineering solutions for an optimum use of space as we know how important it is.

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budowa obiektów przemysłowych

Production and storage halls

We specialise in building industrial halls for various uses. When building production and warehouse facilities, we focus on such space division that all processes can run without any issues.

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produkcja hal przemysłowych

Logistics halls

We design and build logistics halls for reloading, picking, storage and more. We also design appropriately sized gates, docks and unloading ramps, and make driveways for HGVs.

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Hale handlowe

Commercial halls

An industrial hall can be used as sales space. At Commercecon, we design buildings in such a way so as to provide for comfortable customer service. We will furnish the interior according to your needs.

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Hale sportowo-widowiskowe

Sports and event halls

We are a general contractor for sports and event halls. Using the top quality materials, we build halls with lightweight structures that do not require internal load-bearing components even for large spans.

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Hale mroźni i chłodu

Cooling and cold-storage halls

When building a hall for cold-storage and refrigeration plant, we take into account the thermal insulation, resistance to moisture penetration as well as ease of cleaning and disinfecting the interior. Based on these criteria, we build halls that meet all technical and functional standards.

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Hale stalowe

Steel halls

We build safe, cost-effective, convenient and aesthetically-pleasing steel halls. Our buildings can be used once after the construction has finished. What makes us special? We optimise costs by building affordable halls and maintaining a consistently high quality of the buildings.

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Hale żelbetowe / hybrydowe

Hybrid halls

When meeting high fire safety requirements is a priority, we combine steel and reinforced concrete structures, making sure that the building meets all applicable legislation. As a general contractor, we guarantee on-time completion.

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