Sports and event halls

Designing event and sports halls

In addition to the comprehensive construction of production and storage facilities, we also build event and sports halls. This type of hall has a compact structure with designated areas serving different purposes: sports space (playing field) or stage area (for artistic performance), an auditorium and other rooms related to the building’s function. At the design stage, our engineers match the dimensions of the building to the size of the playing field, stage, course, ice rink or other arenas to be located inside the building. Another key aspect is to select a structure that matches the considerable span and the required height of this type of building. We always comply with the standards for the recommended size of the stands as well as the distance of the area for referees and the press. Depending on the requirements, we can accommodate staff, technical and dressing rooms in a sports hall. Some other important criteria we account for in our designs are the building’s appearance and the hall’s adaptation potential, e.g. for multiple sports disciplines or expansion in the future.

hala widowiskowo sportowa

Building a sports hall

We are aware that a sports hall must provide comfort for the user. This is ensured by installing suitable insulation in the walls and the roof, so that appropriate temperatures are maintained inside during the summer and the winter. At the project execution stage, we select optimal lighting for sports facilities with rooflights or wall-mounted lights and windows. We also install the required systems. We build halls using only approved materials, and account for fire safety requirements, emergency exits and protective elements to ensure safety for the users. Selecting the right flooring for the sports facility is also important.

hala sportowo widowiskowa

Flexible use of a sports hall

A sports and event hall can be used flexibly because, with a steel or reinforced concrete structure, we can provide a considerable width without the need for intermediate supports in the interior. As a result, sufficient space is ensured for sports fields, stages, courses or tennis courts of all sizes. The area within the main hall can be freely arranged.

  • We have built the sports and event hall Podium in Gliwice and the gymnastics hall for Primary School No. 2 in Zdzieszowice. On top of that, we have extensive experience supported by numerous letters of reference.
  • We provide general construction services for sports and event halls in line with the needs of even the most demanding investors. We are responsible for work quality and punctual completion.
  • We provide comprehensive services at every stage of the investment. With in-house engineers, designers, specialist assembly teams and machinery, we are highly flexible.
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