The construction of a steel hall is a major project that should be carefully planned and well thought. An investor commissioning the construction of a building on a selected plot of land must clearly define its needs so that the design team can propose optimal solutions, also in financial terms. The cost of building a steel hall from scratch depends not only on its size, but also on the type of technology used and on several other aspects, which we will try to explain below.

Among other reasons, steel halls are popular with builders because their construction time is shorter compared to masonry buildings, longer spans can be achieved without the need for additional columns and the overall price is competitive. This last argument is often decisive. What is the actual cost of erecting a steel-framed hall?

Cost estimate for a steel hall

The cost of a steel hall depends on a few key issues:

  • The first of these is the so-called preparation cost, i.e. the cost that have to be incurred even before the construction work starts. This includes carrying out geological surveys, designing and obtaining planning permission. The cost will increase when, for example, the subsoil is non-bearing compared to standard soil, or when additional waterproofing or drainage must be used.
  • The second element is the construction cost, which includes the fabrication of the steel structure including its cleaning and corrosion protection, the transport and assembly of the structure on site, and the cladding of the walls and roof of the building.
  • Third is the cost of finishing and ancillary elements, including the price of gates and loading docks, windows, skylights and other lighting, systems required by the investor and resulting from the technology, and the installation of ancillary equipment such as overhead cranes in production halls.
  • The cost estimate for the construction of a steel hall should also take into account the operating cost during the works. This element is made up of the amounts that will need to be spent on utilities, construction handling and servicing.

What else affects the cost of building a steel hall?

The final cost of the general contracting of industrial halls depends primarily on the chosen plot of land – the type of land, area of the building, type of steel structure and its purpose. It is very important in terms of finances to know the number of loading and unloading gates, windows or skylights, etc., as well as whether or not there is a separate office area.

The completion of steel halls is a project whose final cost depends on many variables, so it can only be priced once the most important information has been gathered. If an investor contacts a contractor about a construction project, all the details of the planned project should be provided to enable drawing up a reliable quote taking into account all needs and expectations.