It is rare for us to run more than two projects simultaneously for the same investor. And this was the case with the expansion of two Rossmann distribution centres – in Grudziądz and Pyskowice in Silesia. We started construction work in April last year and it proceeded almost synchronously, allowing us to hand over both facilities to the investor at the same time. As a result, we had the great pleasure of attending the official opening ceremonies on 28 and 30 March 2023. We present video coverage of the event in Grudziądz.

Rossmann’s warehouse in Grudziądz was established in 2012 as a logistics facility for the northern part of Poland. It was one of the first major investments in the city. The dynamic growth of the drugstore chain, dictated by the company’s ever-increasing customer base, prompted the decision to expand the warehouse space. Today, the distribution centre has gained 11,000 square metres of new floor space and will now total almost 35,500 square metres. Employment, meanwhile, will reach 560 employees.

The hall we built is a modern warehouse facility that is adapted to the storage of a diverse group of drugstore articles distributed by the customer. In line with the principles of sustainable construction, a number of technological solutions have been used that, on the one hand, reduce energy consumption in daily operation and allow for the conscious management of rainwater, and on the other hand, create safe and highly ergonomic working conditions, which was one of the investor’s priorities. Engaging solutions include an underfloor heating system, which is not often found in industrial halls. An LED lighting system was also installed and two retention tanks with a total capacity of 365 m3 were provided.

The event, which took place on 28 March in Grudziądz, was attended not only by Rossmann employees and management representatives, but also, at the invitation of the company’s head office, representatives of local authorities and external partners involved in the realisation of the investment – our company and Gliwice-based Biuro Projektów Budownictwa Przemysłowego PROJPRZEM S.A. – attended the ceremony. Commercecon was represented by board members: Katarzyna Malinowska-Solarek and Hubert Hoffman, as well as Marcin Wojcieszek – Implementation Director and Łukasz Leporowski – Site Manager. A special thank you from the stage was addressed to both partner companies by Mr Rafał Makarski, Head of Logistics at Rossmann, pointing out that without our support, this project would certainly not have been possible.

The simultaneous construction of almost twin warehouse halls was a major challenge for our team. We are therefore delighted that we have fulfilled the entrusted task in a timely manner. However, the completion of both construction projects would not have gone so smoothly had it not been for the daily support of the investor and the ProjPrzem Design Office team. Thank you!

Enjoy the project video!