The rapidly developing Polish industry is increasingly in need of appropriate infrastructure facilities. One of Commercecon’s specialties is general contracting of industrial facilities. With this service, the investor can be sure to receive the desired industrial facility and the implementation process will be fast and efficient from start to finish. From this article, you will learn a little more about what the general contracting service consists of and what kind of industrial buildings we are offer.

General contractor – industrial construction

The general contracting service consists in comprehensive performance of all construction works ordered by the investor. Construction projects for which the general contractor is responsible can be carried out directly by the company’s employees as well as by proven subcontractors. However, the responsibility for the outcome lies with the company that signs the contract with the investor. It is therefore extremely important to recognise possible difficulties and to verify project documentation. The scope of work in the industrial construction depends on the individual project and its specifics. Most often, however, we can distinguish between several separate levels, such as the design, implementation, construction supervision and execution of the construction work. It can therefore be said that the general industrial contractor synchronises, coordinates and is responsible for all the construction work that falls within the scope of the selected project.

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General contracting of industrial buildings is an extremely responsible role which is why the company’s experience, certification and the use of modern construction technologies are so important. The contract between the general contractor and the investor also stipulates the deadline for delivery of the building, which is most often a ready-to-use facility such as an industrial hall, warehouse or commercial/industrial building.

General contracting of an industrial facility – scope of services

General contracting – industrial construction – all activities related to the handling of a contracted construction project. At Commercecon, we take a completely individual approach to every project. At the same time, we have extensive knowledge backed up by extensive experience in the construction of industrial facilities. This allows us to provide a comprehensive service of the highest quality.

Steel halls, storage or production/office buildings should have an initial concept based on a demand analysis. A preliminary project cost estimate is also provided at an early stage. The next stage is to create a professional design for the industrial facility. This is a moment when the reliability and communication skills of the general contractor are very important. The design must reflect real market demand, but also the investor’s individual intentions.

The next segment of the process is the performance of earthworks, preparation of soil for construction, excavation, surveying and other works. Industrial construction usually requires reinforced concrete work to be carried out later. Production halls must have the right type of foundation, and care must also be taken of the reinforcement of ramps, driveways and the foundation of columns and all other load-bearing components. General contracting in industrial construction also includes all construction and assembly work. It is also the responsibility of the company to provide utility systems (e.g. plumbing, electricity, ventilation, gas). Depending on the provisions of the contract, in most cases the work also includes finishing the walls and floors inside the building.

Industrial construction is our core competence!

Industrial construction is an extremely diverse area of the construction market. The individual designs, construction methods and technologies used will vary depending on the purpose of the building. Naturally, different requirements must be met by garden centres, supermarkets or sports facilities. Different conditions will be required for large production facilities using hazardous substances in their processes and for large cold storage facilities.

At Commercecon, we provide comprehensive industrial construction services. As a general contractor, we take care of all aspects of construction technology to deliver buildings with the investor’s preferred industrial performance and unusual aesthetics.

Examples of industrial buildings completed by Commercecon: