HATRANS Sp. z o.o.


HATRANS Sp. z o.o.

Project scope
Design and Build, preparation of design documentation, obtaining the building permit., Office and welfare building
Warehouses 5900 m2
Office 840 m2

We are starting another “Design and Build” project.

The Commercecon team has just started another construction project. This time we are staying in Łódź where we are building a warehouse facility with modern office space with a total area of 6,700 sqm for Hatrans, a provider of comprehensive transport and storage services The project is completed in the “design and build” formula.

The partnership with Hatrans was established last year. We are completing their new project, including the development of the concept of the warehouse and office building and the preparation of the architectural design, as well as all formal and legal issues preceding the construction works. And these were launched in Łódź earlier this year. This was preceded by the demolition of old buildings on the Investor’s premises and the reconstruction of the road system, sewerage, water and power supply systems.

The facility will consist of a 5,900 sqm warehouse hall connected to a modern three-floor office and staff building with a total area of 840 sqm. The hall is designed for mounting a PV system on the roof and all process solutions designed by our experts will fully meet the Investor’s needs. The new distribution centre is a response to its growing demand for available space and the rapid development of the company, which has been successfully operating in the logistics industry for over 30 years.



Investor’s opinion

HATRANS Sp. z o.o.
In 2020, we decided to order from Commercecon the comprehensive development of our new project in Łódź, a warehouse hall with office facilities. The choice of this general contractor was based on the very good good reputation in the market, many years of experience in the construction of buildings of a similar nature to ours, and the company’s office close location that allowed for direct and frequent meetings between our companies' project teams.

Note that the construction work had to be preceded by the demolition of old buildings located in our area, and the general contractor was also tasked with the reconstruction of the road system, sewage, water and electricity networks.

The cooperation between our companies went very well at every stage of the project and we are also fully satisfied with the final result of the work. That is why I am pleased to recommend Commercecon to any investor who is planning to build a facility of an industrial character.
Anita Grzelak, President of the Management Board
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