Katoen Natie – high-bay warehouse


Katoen Natie – high-bay warehouse

Project scope
General contracting
Warehouses 10500 m2

Expansion of Katoen Natie’s logistics centre in Kutno.

We are starting another warehouse project in Central Poland. In the Kutno Subzone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone, we will expand the logistics centre of the Katoen Natie company that specialises in providing tailor-made innovative logistics solutions. A high-bay warehouse with a total area of 10,500 square metres will be built here this year. The handover of the construction site to us has just taken place.

This is another project we are implementing in Kutno this year. This time we will build a high-bay warehouse here for Katoen Natie, a market leader in logistics services dedicated to customers in the petrochemical industry. Its total area will reach 10.5 thousand square metres. We will combine it with the existing facilities with a network of internal roads and develop the area around it.

The facility is completed under the “built-to-suit” formula so, from the very beginning, it is possible to adapt the warehouse space according to the future customer’s needs. The hall will have 10 docks for a more efficient flow of goods.

The logistics centre under construction is another project of the Belgian company Katoen Natie in Kutno. In 2020, the company acquired Nijhof-Wassink’s 40,000 sqm logistics complex and silo farm, and then began the process of expanding the existing infrastructure by erecting a cluster of additional 42 silos. The new logistics centre is a confirmation of the Investor’s earlier announcements concerning further development of operations in the centre of Poland.

The Kutno Subzone of the ŁSEZ is a conveniently located investment area with good connections to the national road network and the A1 motorway. The vicinity of the E20 railway line and a network of sidings further facilitate logistics operations of the entities located there. Not surprisingly, our other customer Kellogg’s, the world’s leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals and salty snacks, has also decided to expand in this area. We are building a modern office building in Kutno for them.


Investor’s opinion

Katoen Natie – high-bay warehouse
The decision to choose this general contractor was driven primarily by the company's many years of experience in logistics and production facilities, high quality of the work and the timely fulfilment of previous commitments. What also counted was the confidence that the Commercecon team had built up from the beginning of the pre-project talks.

Under the contract signed with the contractor, a warehouse facility with a total area of 10,500 sqm and a height of 15.5 m was built in Kutno during this year. Commercecon, as the general contractor, was responsible for all construction works of the new facility, the development of the land around it and the completion of the necessary infrastructure, both technical and road.

The Commercecon team fulfilled all assigned tasks reliably and on time. I particularly appreciate the company's individual and professional approach to the customer, the quick and efficient resolution of current issues, which is a proof of experience in the construction of large structures, as well as the full commitment of the company's employees to the tasks.
Łukasz Kacprzak, Member of the Management Board
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