Social and office facilities are an important part of practically every industrial hall. Investors interested in constructing a new building can choose from several solutions. The most popular are: an industrial hall with a separate office space and an office within a warehouse or production hall. What is the difference between the above variants? Which one and in which situation is it worth choosing? And, above all, what technical aspects do you need to bear in mind?

Steel hall with separate office space

A warehouse hall with office space is a popular solution. Unless a complex of industrial buildings is involved, investors mostly choose projects that also include office space for their first warehouses. However, each project should be preceded by a thorough analysis of demand and functionality. The final appearance of the office and staff areas must depend on the warehouse operation or other specific use of the space. So, when analysing what type of steel hall with office space will be the best solution, it is worth paying attention to the following technical aspects:

  • the dimensions of the building and the process to office space relationship,
  • the specifics of the use of the hall with particular regard to possible flammable and dangerous materials, oils and greases, irritants and sensitising substances, noise and gas emission targets during the use of the process space,
  • an indicative number of workers (and teams, if applicable) per sector of the site, taking into account the operation mode,
  • the method of delivery of the goods and their subsequent transport,
  • how to move around the complex.

A steel hall combined with office space is most recommended for warehouses and buildings that will have several functions. The social and office areas can include staff areas, sanitary facilities, but also offices for managers, supervisors and other positions within the company. Warehouse halls with combined with office space can be very cost-effective. The location of a warehouse department within a single building, together with office facilities and management, can help especially in the initial stages of a company’s development.

Office in the production hall

There are also steel halls in which the office space is located directly in the production space. A production hall with an office located inside is a great way for an effective control of the production. In addition, it also makes it possible to respond to sudden problems immediately.

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Contemporary architectural designs are not only highly creative, but also focus on maximising building functionality. These concepts can also fit into popular management methodologies such as Lean Management or Agile.

Hall with an office – what do you need to bear in mind?

Whether the office section will be more or less separated from the specialist section, in any case building a hall with an office will mean combining two technologies. Production halls can be built with a steel frame or with a hybrid structure, e.g. reinforced concrete supporting columns and a steel roof structure. The office space, on the other hand is usually a reinforced concrete and brick structure. The walls of the office area can be made of traditional materials such as hollow blocks, bricks or blocks. 

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It is also important to remember that the construction process of warehouse halls with offices will be slightly different. Some of the most important differences appear already at the stage of preparing the architectural design which must meet the investor’s needs, but also skilfully and harmoniously combine the office area with the warehouse space.

Examples of halls with office are: