What does the construction of a production hall end with? It is putting the facility into service. However, in order for this to be possible, all documents essential for the facility commissioning must be collected. What documents are being referred to? When should they be gathered?  What are the basic stages of a steel hall commissioning?

Commissioning of a building – documents required

The commissioning of a production hall will not be possible without the so-called as-built documentation. What documents are necessary for the commissioning of a building? Whether it is a production hall, a sports hall, a storage facility or a cold storage or refrigeration facility, various reports and permits must be collected. The most important include: the construction permit design, taking into account any changes made during the construction work, a statement of the construction manager, the construction logbook – the original, as-built survey documentation, all reports from technical tests of the systems, technical equipment installed, flues and stacks, also technical supervision permits for the operation of the technical equipment where appropriate (for example lifting equipment), confirmation of acceptance of utility connections and the quality of construction materials used. Some documents are returned when the technical acceptance of the building is completed, others remain with the office.

odbiór hali produkcyjnej - instalacja

Permits – who should apply, when and to whom?

What authorities should be notified once the above documents have been collected? If the investor is obliged to obtain an occupancy permit for the hall, or if the building project was subject to agreements with regard to fire protection and hygiene and health conditions, the first points of contact are the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (PSSE) and the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service (PSP). Note that industrial construction often requires the above-mentioned services to take a position on the matter in question. This is the case, among others, for the production and commercial and exhibition halls, including those intended to serve as shopping centres.

Acceptance of a production hall by the construction supervision authority

A facility built without a building permit, i.e. not required to report to the sanitary and epidemiological station and fire service headquarters, should be approved by the construction supervision authority based on a notice of completion of construction works. In case of industrial halls where a building permit is required, an application is made for an occupancy permit and the positions of the PSP and PSSE are also necessary.

The application for an occupancy permit becomes a call for inspection. The inspection is carried out within 21 days of the date of the application receipt and the investor is notified of the exact date of the inspection within 7 days. Importantly, the investor must participate. Once this has been completed, an acceptance report is drawn up and, if all goes well, an occupancy permit is issued by decision.

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What is verified during the inspection? Mainly the conformity of the building completion with the construction project, the quality of the materials used, as well as the current condition of the site – everything should be cleaned and tidied up before the application is submitted.

The first case concerns other matters and consists in notifying the construction supervision authority of the completion of the construction work. The supervisory authority has 14 days from the submission of the notice to object by decision. If it fails to do so, it is considered that the facility may be put into operation. The same happens if the supervisory authority issues a certificate of occupancy earlier, i.e. within 14 days.